Class RootObjectMapper

    • Method Detail

      • dateDetection

        public boolean dateDetection()
      • numericDetection

        public boolean numericDetection()
      • dynamicDateTimeFormatters

        public DateFormatter[] dynamicDateTimeFormatters()
      • findTemplateBuilder

        public Mapper.Builder findTemplateBuilder​(ParseContext context,
                                                  java.lang.String name,
                                                  java.lang.String dynamicType,
                                                  DynamicTemplate.XContentFieldType matchType)
        Find a template. Returns null if no template could be found.
        name - the field name
        dynamicType - the field type to give the field if the template does not define one
        matchType - the type of the field in the json document or null if unknown
        a mapper builder, or null if there is no template for such a field
      • merge

        public RootObjectMapper merge​(Mapper mergeWith,
                                      boolean updateAllTypes)
        Description copied from class: Mapper
        Return the merge of mergeWith into this. Both this and mergeWith will be left unmodified.
        merge in class ObjectMapper
      • updateFieldType

        public RootObjectMapper updateFieldType​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​MappedFieldType> fullNameToFieldType)
        Description copied from class: Mapper
        Update the field type of this mapper. This is necessary because some mapping updates can modify mappings across several types. This method must return a copy of the mapper so that the current mapper is not modified.
        updateFieldType in class ObjectMapper