Class LineStringBuilder

    • Constructor Detail

      • LineStringBuilder

        public LineStringBuilder​(java.util.List<org.locationtech.jts.geom.Coordinate> coordinates)
        Construct a new LineString. Per GeoJSON spec ( a LineString must contain two or more coordinates
        coordinates - the initial list of coordinates
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if there are less then two coordinates defined
      • LineStringBuilder

        public LineStringBuilder​(StreamInput in)
        Read from a stream.
    • Method Detail

      • close

        public LineStringBuilder close()
        Closes the current lineString by adding the starting point as the end point. This will have no effect if starting and end point are already the same.
      • buildS4J

        public org.locationtech.spatial4j.shape.jts.JtsGeometry buildS4J()
        Description copied from class: ShapeBuilder
        Create a new Shape from this builder. Since calling this method could change the defined shape. (by inserting new coordinates or change the position of points) the builder looses its validity. So this method should only be called once on a builder
        Specified by:
        buildS4J in class ShapeBuilder<org.locationtech.spatial4j.shape.jts.JtsGeometry,​LineStringBuilder>
        new Shape defined by the builder
      • buildLucene

        public java.lang.Object buildLucene()
        Description copied from class: ShapeBuilder
        build lucene geometry.
        Specified by:
        buildLucene in class ShapeBuilder<org.locationtech.spatial4j.shape.jts.JtsGeometry,​LineStringBuilder>
        GeoPoint, double[][], Line, Line[], Polygon, Polygon[], Rectangle, Object[]