Class BulkResponse

    • Constructor Detail

      • BulkResponse

        public BulkResponse​(BulkItemResponse[] responses,
                            long tookInMillis)
      • BulkResponse

        public BulkResponse​(BulkItemResponse[] responses,
                            long tookInMillis,
                            long ingestTookInMillis)
    • Method Detail

      • getTook

        public TimeValue getTook()
        How long the bulk execution took. Excluding ingest preprocessing.
      • getIngestTook

        public TimeValue getIngestTook()
        If ingest is enabled returns the bulk ingest preprocessing time, otherwise 0 is returned.
      • getIngestTookInMillis

        public long getIngestTookInMillis()
        If ingest is enabled returns the bulk ingest preprocessing time. in milliseconds, otherwise -1 is returned.
      • hasFailures

        public boolean hasFailures()
        Has anything failed with the execution.
      • buildFailureMessage

        public java.lang.String buildFailureMessage()
      • getItems

        public BulkItemResponse[] getItems()
        The items representing each action performed in the bulk operation (in the same order!).
      • fromXContent

        public static BulkResponse fromXContent​(XContentParser parser)