Class ClusterRerouteRequestBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • setDryRun

        public ClusterRerouteRequestBuilder setDryRun​(boolean dryRun)
        Sets a dry run flag (defaults to false) allowing to run the commands without actually applying them to the cluster state, and getting the resulting cluster state back.
      • setExplain

        public ClusterRerouteRequestBuilder setExplain​(boolean explain)
        Sets the explain flag (defaults to false). If true, the request will include an explanation in addition to the cluster state.
      • setRetryFailed

        public ClusterRerouteRequestBuilder setRetryFailed​(boolean retryFailed)
        Sets the retry failed flag (defaults to false). If true, the request will retry allocating shards that can't currently be allocated due to too many allocation failures.