Class OsProbe

  • public class OsProbe
    extends java.lang.Object
    The OsProbe class retrieves information about the physical and swap size of the machine memory, as well as the system load average and cpu load. In some exceptional cases, it's possible the underlying native methods used by getFreePhysicalMemorySize(), getTotalPhysicalMemorySize(), getFreeSwapSpaceSize(), and getTotalSwapSpaceSize() can return a negative value. Because of this, we prevent those methods from returning negative values, returning 0 instead. The OS can report a negative number in a number of cases: - Non-supported OSes (HP-UX, or AIX) - A failure of macOS to initialize host statistics - An OS that does not support the _SC_PHYS_PAGES or _SC_PAGE_SIZE flags for the sysconf() linux kernel call - An overflow of the product of _SC_PHYS_PAGES and _SC_PAGE_SIZE - An error case retrieving these values from a linux kernel - A non-standard libc implementation not implementing the required values For a more exhaustive explanation, see
    • Method Detail

      • getFreePhysicalMemorySize

        public long getFreePhysicalMemorySize()
        Returns the amount of free physical memory in bytes.
      • getTotalPhysicalMemorySize

        public long getTotalPhysicalMemorySize()
        Returns the total amount of physical memory in bytes.
      • getFreeSwapSpaceSize

        public long getFreeSwapSpaceSize()
        Returns the amount of free swap space in bytes.
      • getTotalSwapSpaceSize

        public long getTotalSwapSpaceSize()
        Returns the total amount of swap space in bytes.
      • getSystemCpuPercent

        public short getSystemCpuPercent()
      • getInstance

        public static OsProbe getInstance()
      • osStats

        public OsStats osStats()