Class PriorityComparator

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    public abstract class PriorityComparator
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.Comparator<ShardRouting>
    A comparator that compares ShardRouting based on it's indexes priority (index.priority), it's creation date (index.creation_date), or eventually by it's index name in reverse order. We try to recover first shards from an index with the highest priority, if that's the same we try to compare the timestamp the index is created and pick the newer first (time-based indices, here the newer indices matter more). If even that is the same, we compare the index name which is useful if the date is baked into the index name. ie logstash-2015.05.03.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PriorityComparator

        public PriorityComparator()
    • Method Detail

      • getIndexSettings

        protected abstract Settings getIndexSettings​(Index index)
      • getAllocationComparator

        public static PriorityComparator getAllocationComparator​(RoutingAllocation allocation)
        Returns a PriorityComparator that uses the RoutingAllocation index metadata to access the index setting per index.