Interface ErrorOnUnknown

public interface ErrorOnUnknown
Extension point to customize the error message for unknown fields. We expect Elasticsearch to plug a fancy implementation that uses Lucene's spelling correction infrastructure to suggest corrections.
  • Field Details


      static final ErrorOnUnknown IMPLEMENTATION
      The implementation of this interface that was loaded from SPI.
  • Method Details

    • errorMessage

      String errorMessage(String parserName, String unknownField, Iterable<String> candidates)
      Build the error message to use when ObjectParser encounters an unknown field.
      parserName - the name of the thing we're parsing
      unknownField - the field that we couldn't recognize
      candidates - the possible fields
    • priority

      int priority()
      Priority that this error message handler should be used.
    • findImplementation

      static ErrorOnUnknown findImplementation()