Class UserIndicesPrivileges


public class UserIndicesPrivileges
extends AbstractIndicesPrivileges
Represents an "index" privilege in the GetUserPrivilegesResponse. This differs from the IndicesPrivileges" object in a Role as it supports an array value for field_security and query. See the API docs
  • Constructor Details

    • UserIndicesPrivileges

      public UserIndicesPrivileges​(java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> indices, java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> privileges, boolean allowRestrictedIndices, java.util.Collection<AbstractIndicesPrivileges.FieldSecurity> fieldSecurity, java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> query)
  • Method Details

    • fromXContent

      public static UserIndicesPrivileges fromXContent​(org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.XContentParser parser) throws
    • getFieldSecurity

      public java.util.Set<AbstractIndicesPrivileges.FieldSecurity> getFieldSecurity()
    • getQueries

      public java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getQueries()
    • isUsingDocumentLevelSecurity

      public boolean isUsingDocumentLevelSecurity()
      Description copied from class: AbstractIndicesPrivileges
      If true some documents might not be visible. Only the documents matching query will be readable.
      Specified by:
      isUsingDocumentLevelSecurity in class AbstractIndicesPrivileges
    • isUsingFieldLevelSecurity

      public boolean isUsingFieldLevelSecurity()
      Description copied from class: AbstractIndicesPrivileges
      If true some document fields might not be visible.
      Specified by:
      isUsingFieldLevelSecurity in class AbstractIndicesPrivileges
    • equals

      public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)
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    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
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    • toString

      public java.lang.String toString()
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