Interface NdJsonpSerializable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BulkOperation, BulkRequest, BulkRequest, CreateOperation, IndexOperation, MsearchRequest, MsearchTemplateRequest, RequestItem, RequestItem, UpdateOperation

public interface NdJsonpSerializable
Marks a class a being serialized as nd-json (e.g. bulk requests).

If an item returned by the iterator implements NdJsonpSerializable, it should also be output as nd-json. This allows flattening nested structures (e.g. a bulk index operation and its document). However, if this object returns itself as part of the iterator values, it then has to be serialized and not flattened again (which would lead to an infinite loop).

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    java.util.Iterator<?> _serializables()  
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    • _serializables

      java.util.Iterator<?> _serializables()