Class RollupJobStats.Builder

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public static class RollupJobStats.Builder
extends ObjectBuilderBase
implements ObjectBuilder<RollupJobStats>
Builder for RollupJobStats.
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • documentsProcessed

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder documentsProcessed​(long value)
      Required - API name: documents_processed
    • indexFailures

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder indexFailures​(long value)
      Required - API name: index_failures
    • indexTimeInMs

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder indexTimeInMs​(long value)
      Required - API name: index_time_in_ms
    • indexTotal

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder indexTotal​(long value)
      Required - API name: index_total
    • pagesProcessed

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder pagesProcessed​(long value)
      Required - API name: pages_processed
    • rollupsIndexed

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder rollupsIndexed​(long value)
      Required - API name: rollups_indexed
    • searchFailures

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder searchFailures​(long value)
      Required - API name: search_failures
    • searchTimeInMs

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder searchTimeInMs​(long value)
      Required - API name: search_time_in_ms
    • searchTotal

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder searchTotal​(long value)
      Required - API name: search_total
    • triggerCount

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder triggerCount​(long value)
      Required - API name: trigger_count
    • processingTimeInMs

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder processingTimeInMs​(long value)
      Required - API name: processing_time_in_ms
    • processingTotal

      public final RollupJobStats.Builder processingTotal​(long value)
      Required - API name: processing_total
    • build

      public RollupJobStats build()
      Builds a RollupJobStats.
      Specified by:
      build in interface ObjectBuilder<RollupJobStats>
      java.lang.NullPointerException - if some of the required fields are null.