Class RankEvalRequest

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public class RankEvalRequest
extends RequestBase
implements JsonpSerializable
Allows to evaluate the quality of ranked search results over a set of typical search queries
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    • of

      public static RankEvalRequest of​(java.util.function.Function<RankEvalRequest.Builder,​ObjectBuilder<RankEvalRequest>> fn)
    • allowNoIndices

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean allowNoIndices()
      If false, the request returns an error if any wildcard expression, index alias, or _all value targets only missing or closed indices. This behavior applies even if the request targets other open indices. For example, a request targeting foo*,bar* returns an error if an index starts with foo but no index starts with bar.

      API name: allow_no_indices

    • expandWildcards

      public final java.util.List<ExpandWildcard> expandWildcards()
      Whether to expand wildcard expression to concrete indices that are open, closed or both.

      API name: expand_wildcards

    • ignoreUnavailable

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean ignoreUnavailable()
      If true, missing or closed indices are not included in the response.

      API name: ignore_unavailable

    • index

      public final java.util.List<java.lang.String> index()
      Required - Comma-separated list of data streams, indices, and index aliases used to limit the request. Wildcard (*) expressions are supported. To target all data streams and indices in a cluster, omit this parameter or use _all or *.

      API name: index

    • metric

      @Nullable public final RankEvalMetric metric()
      Definition of the evaluation metric to calculate

      API name: metric

    • requests

      public final java.util.List<RankEvalRequestItem> requests()
      Required - A set of typical search requests, together with their provided ratings

      API name: requests

    • searchType

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String searchType()
      Search operation type

      API name: search_type

    • serialize

      public void serialize​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
      Serialize this object to JSON.
      Specified by:
      serialize in interface JsonpSerializable
    • serializeInternal

      protected void serializeInternal​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
    • setupRankEvalRequestDeserializer

      protected static void setupRankEvalRequestDeserializer​(ObjectDeserializer<RankEvalRequest.Builder> op)