Class ClusterStatsResponse

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public class ClusterStatsResponse
extends NodesResponseBase
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    • of

      public static ClusterStatsResponse of​(java.util.function.Function<ClusterStatsResponse.Builder,​ObjectBuilder<ClusterStatsResponse>> fn)
    • clusterName

      public final java.lang.String clusterName()
      Required - Name of the cluster, based on the Cluster name setting setting.

      API name: cluster_name

    • clusterUuid

      public final java.lang.String clusterUuid()
      Required - Unique identifier for the cluster.

      API name: cluster_uuid

    • indices

      public final ClusterIndices indices()
      Required - Contains statistics about indices with shards assigned to selected nodes.

      API name: indices

    • nodes

      public final ClusterNodes nodes()
      Required - Contains statistics about nodes selected by the request’s node filters.

      API name: nodes

    • status

      public final HealthStatus status()
      Required - Health status of the cluster, based on the state of its primary and replica shards.

      API name: status

    • timestamp

      public final long timestamp()
      Required - Unix timestamp, in milliseconds, of the last time the cluster statistics were refreshed.

      API name: timestamp

    • serializeInternal

      protected void serializeInternal​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
      serializeInternal in class NodesResponseBase
    • setupClusterStatsResponseDeserializer

      protected static void setupClusterStatsResponseDeserializer​(ObjectDeserializer<ClusterStatsResponse.Builder> op)