Class AllocationExplainResponse

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AllocationExplainResponse
extends java.lang.Object
implements JsonpSerializable
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  • Method Details

    • of

    • allocateExplanation

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String allocateExplanation()
      API name: allocate_explanation
    • allocationDelay

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String allocationDelay()
      API name: allocation_delay
    • allocationDelayInMillis

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long allocationDelayInMillis()
      API name: allocation_delay_in_millis
    • canAllocate

      @Nullable public final Decision canAllocate()
      API name: can_allocate
    • canMoveToOtherNode

      @Nullable public final Decision canMoveToOtherNode()
      API name: can_move_to_other_node
    • canRebalanceCluster

      @Nullable public final Decision canRebalanceCluster()
      API name: can_rebalance_cluster
    • canRebalanceClusterDecisions

      public final java.util.List<AllocationDecision> canRebalanceClusterDecisions()
      API name: can_rebalance_cluster_decisions
    • canRebalanceToOtherNode

      @Nullable public final Decision canRebalanceToOtherNode()
      API name: can_rebalance_to_other_node
    • canRemainDecisions

      public final java.util.List<AllocationDecision> canRemainDecisions()
      API name: can_remain_decisions
    • canRemainOnCurrentNode

      @Nullable public final Decision canRemainOnCurrentNode()
      API name: can_remain_on_current_node
    • clusterInfo

      @Nullable public final ClusterInfo clusterInfo()
      API name: cluster_info
    • configuredDelay

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String configuredDelay()
      API name: configured_delay
    • configuredDelayInMillis

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long configuredDelayInMillis()
      API name: configured_delay_in_millis
    • currentNode

      @Nullable public final CurrentNode currentNode()
      API name: current_node
    • currentState

      public final java.lang.String currentState()
      Required - API name: current_state
    • index

      public final java.lang.String index()
      Required - API name: index
    • moveExplanation

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String moveExplanation()
      API name: move_explanation
    • nodeAllocationDecisions

      public final java.util.List<NodeAllocationExplanation> nodeAllocationDecisions()
      API name: node_allocation_decisions
    • primary

      public final boolean primary()
      Required - API name: primary
    • rebalanceExplanation

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String rebalanceExplanation()
      API name: rebalance_explanation
    • remainingDelay

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String remainingDelay()
      API name: remaining_delay
    • remainingDelayInMillis

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long remainingDelayInMillis()
      API name: remaining_delay_in_millis
    • shard

      public final int shard()
      Required - API name: shard
    • unassignedInfo

      @Nullable public final UnassignedInformation unassignedInfo()
      API name: unassigned_info
    • note

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String note()
      API name: note
    • serialize

      public void serialize​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
      Serialize this object to JSON.
      Specified by:
      serialize in interface JsonpSerializable
    • serializeInternal

      protected void serializeInternal​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
    • setupAllocationExplainResponseDeserializer

      protected static void setupAllocationExplainResponseDeserializer​(ObjectDeserializer<AllocationExplainResponse.Builder> op)