Class TrainedModelsRecord.Builder

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public static class TrainedModelsRecord.Builder
extends ObjectBuilderBase
implements ObjectBuilder<TrainedModelsRecord>
Builder for TrainedModelsRecord.
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • id

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder id​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      the trained model id

      API name: id

    • createdBy

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder createdBy​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      who created the model

      API name: created_by

    • heapSize

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder heapSize​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      the estimated heap size to keep the model in memory

      API name: heap_size

    • operations

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder operations​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      the estimated number of operations to use the model

      API name: operations

    • license

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder license​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The license level of the model

      API name: license

    • createTime

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder createTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The time the model was created

      API name: create_time

    • version

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder version​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The version of Elasticsearch when the model was created

      API name: version

    • description

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder description​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The model description

      API name: description

    • ingestPipelines

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder ingestPipelines​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The number of pipelines referencing the model

      API name: ingest.pipelines

    • ingestCount

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder ingestCount​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The total number of docs processed by the model

      API name: ingest.count

    • ingestTime

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder ingestTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The total time spent processing docs with this model

      API name: ingest.time

    • ingestCurrent

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder ingestCurrent​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The total documents currently being handled by the model

      API name: ingest.current

    • ingestFailed

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder ingestFailed​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The total count of failed ingest attempts with this model

      API name: ingest.failed

    • dataFrameId

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder dataFrameId​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The data frame analytics config id that created the model (if still available)

      API name:

    • dataFrameCreateTime

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder dataFrameCreateTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The time the data frame analytics config was created

      API name: data_frame.create_time

    • dataFrameSourceIndex

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder dataFrameSourceIndex​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The source index used to train in the data frame analysis

      API name: data_frame.source_index

    • dataFrameAnalysis

      public final TrainedModelsRecord.Builder dataFrameAnalysis​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      The analysis used by the data frame to build the model

      API name: data_frame.analysis

    • build

      public TrainedModelsRecord build()
      Specified by:
      build in interface ObjectBuilder<TrainedModelsRecord>
      java.lang.NullPointerException - if some of the required fields are null.