Class HealthRecord.Builder

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public static class HealthRecord.Builder
extends ObjectBuilderBase
implements ObjectBuilder<HealthRecord>
Builder for HealthRecord.
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • epoch

      public final HealthRecord.Builder epoch​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      seconds since 1969-01-01 00:00:00

      API name: epoch

    • timestamp

      public final HealthRecord.Builder timestamp​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      time in HH:MM:SS

      API name: timestamp

    • cluster

      public final HealthRecord.Builder cluster​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      cluster name

      API name: cluster

    • status

      public final HealthRecord.Builder status​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      health status

      API name: status

    • nodeTotal

      public final HealthRecord.Builder nodeTotal​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      total number of nodes

      API name:

    • nodeData

      public final HealthRecord.Builder nodeData​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of nodes that can store data

      API name:

    • shards

      public final HealthRecord.Builder shards​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      total number of shards

      API name: shards

    • pri

      public final HealthRecord.Builder pri​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of primary shards

      API name: pri

    • relo

      public final HealthRecord.Builder relo​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of relocating nodes

      API name: relo

    • init

      public final HealthRecord.Builder init​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of initializing nodes

      API name: init

    • unassign

      public final HealthRecord.Builder unassign​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of unassigned shards

      API name: unassign

    • pendingTasks

      public final HealthRecord.Builder pendingTasks​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      number of pending tasks

      API name: pending_tasks

    • maxTaskWaitTime

      public final HealthRecord.Builder maxTaskWaitTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      wait time of longest task pending

      API name: max_task_wait_time

    • activeShardsPercent

      public final HealthRecord.Builder activeShardsPercent​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      active number of shards in percent

      API name: active_shards_percent

    • build

      public HealthRecord build()
      Builds a HealthRecord.
      Specified by:
      build in interface ObjectBuilder<HealthRecord>
      java.lang.NullPointerException - if some of the required fields are null.