Class MlTrainedModelsRequest


public class MlTrainedModelsRequest
extends CatRequestBase
Gets configuration and usage information about inference trained models.
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    • of

      public static MlTrainedModelsRequest of​(java.util.function.Function<MlTrainedModelsRequest.Builder,​ObjectBuilder<MlTrainedModelsRequest>> fn)
    • allowNoMatch

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean allowNoMatch()
      Whether to ignore if a wildcard expression matches no trained models. (This includes _all string or when no trained models have been specified)

      API name: allow_no_match

    • bytes

      @Nullable public final Bytes bytes()
      The unit in which to display byte values

      API name: bytes

    • from

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Integer from()
      skips a number of trained models

      API name: from

    • modelId

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String modelId()
      The ID of the trained models stats to fetch

      API name: model_id

    • size

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Integer size()
      specifies a max number of trained models to get

      API name: size