Interface FetchSubPhase

All Known Implementing Classes:
ExplainPhase, FetchDocValuesPhase, FetchScorePhase, FetchSourcePhase, FetchVersionPhase, HighlightPhase, InnerHitsPhase, MatchedQueriesPhase, ScriptFieldsPhase, SeqNoPrimaryTermPhase

public interface FetchSubPhase
Sub phase within the fetch phase used to fetch things *about* the documents like highlighting or matched queries.
  • Method Details

    • hitExecute

      default void hitExecute​(SearchContext context, FetchSubPhase.HitContext hitContext) throws
      Executes the hit level phase, with a reader and doc id (note, its a low level reader, and the matching doc).
    • hitsExecute

      default void hitsExecute​(SearchContext context, SearchHit[] hits) throws