Class BaseGatewayShardAllocator

Direct Known Subclasses:
PrimaryShardAllocator, ReplicaShardAllocator

public abstract class BaseGatewayShardAllocator
extends java.lang.Object
An abstract class that implements basic functionality for allocating shards to nodes based on shard copies that already exist in the cluster. Individual implementations of this class are responsible for providing the logic to determine to which nodes (if any) those shards are allocated.
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    protected org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger logger  
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    void allocateUnassigned​(RoutingAllocation allocation)
    Allocate unassigned shards to nodes (if any) where valid copies of the shard already exist.
    protected static java.util.List<NodeAllocationResult> buildDecisionsForAllNodes​(ShardRouting shard, RoutingAllocation allocation)
    Builds decisions for all nodes in the cluster, so that the explain API can provide information on allocation decisions for each node, while still waiting to allocate the shard (e.g.
    abstract AllocateUnassignedDecision makeAllocationDecision​(ShardRouting unassignedShard, RoutingAllocation allocation, org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger logger)
    Make a decision on the allocation of an unassigned shard.

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