Interface ConstructorBinding<T>

All Superinterfaces:
Binding<T>, Element, HasDependencies

public interface ConstructorBinding<T>
extends Binding<T>, HasDependencies
A binding to the constructor of a concrete clss. To resolve injections, an instance is instantiated by invoking the constructor.
  • Method Details

    • getConstructor

      InjectionPoint getConstructor()
      Gets the constructor this binding injects.
    • getInjectableMembers

      java.util.Set<InjectionPoint> getInjectableMembers()
      Returns all instance method and field injection points on type.
      a possibly empty set of injection points. The set has a specified iteration order. All fields are returned and then all methods. Within the fields, supertype fields are returned before subtype fields. Similarly, supertype methods are returned before subtype methods.