Interface ClusterStatePublisher

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Coordinator, ZenDiscovery

public interface ClusterStatePublisher
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      void publish​(ClusterChangedEvent clusterChangedEvent, ActionListener<java.lang.Void> publishListener, ClusterStatePublisher.AckListener ackListener)
      Publish all the changes to the cluster from the master (can be called just by the master). The publish process should apply this state to the master as well! The publishListener allows to wait for the publication to complete, which can be either successful completion, timing out or failing. The method is guaranteed to pass back a FailedToCommitClusterStateException to the publishListener if the change is not committed and should be rejected. Any other exception signals that something bad happened but the change is committed. The ClusterStatePublisher.AckListener allows to keep track of the ack received from nodes, and verify whether they updated their own cluster state or not.