Class HistogramAggregatorFactory

  • public final class HistogramAggregatorFactory
    extends ValuesSourceAggregatorFactory<ValuesSource>
    Constructs the per-shard aggregator instance for histogram aggregation. Selects the numeric or range field implementation based on the field type.
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      • resolveMissingAny

        protected ValuesSource resolveMissingAny​(java.lang.Object missing)
        Description copied from class: ValuesSourceAggregatorFactory
        This method provides a hook for aggregations that need finer grained control over the ValuesSource selected when the user supplies a missing value and there is no mapped field to infer the type from. This will only be called for aggregations that specify the ValuesSourceType.ANY in their constructors (On the builder class). The user supplied object is passed as a parameter, so its type may be inspected as needed. Generally, only the type of the returned ValuesSource is used, so returning the EMPTY instance of the chosen type is recommended.
        resolveMissingAny in class ValuesSourceAggregatorFactory<ValuesSource>
        missing - The user supplied missing value
        A ValuesSource instance compatible with the supplied parameter
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