Class IndexingStats.Stats

    • Constructor Detail

      • Stats

        public Stats​(StreamInput in)
      • Stats

        public Stats​(long indexCount,
                     long indexTimeInMillis,
                     long indexCurrent,
                     long indexFailedCount,
                     long deleteCount,
                     long deleteTimeInMillis,
                     long deleteCurrent,
                     long noopUpdateCount,
                     boolean isThrottled,
                     long throttleTimeInMillis)
    • Method Detail

      • getIndexCount

        public long getIndexCount()
        The total number of indexing operations
      • getIndexFailedCount

        public long getIndexFailedCount()
        The number of failed indexing operations
      • getIndexTime

        public TimeValue getIndexTime()
        The total amount of time spend on executing index operations.
      • getIndexCurrent

        public long getIndexCurrent()
        Returns the currently in-flight indexing operations.
      • getDeleteCount

        public long getDeleteCount()
        Returns the number of delete operation executed
      • isThrottled

        public boolean isThrottled()
        Returns if the index is under merge throttling control
      • getThrottleTime

        public TimeValue getThrottleTime()
        Gets the amount of time in a TimeValue that the index has been under merge throttling control
      • getDeleteTime

        public TimeValue getDeleteTime()
        The total amount of time spend on executing delete operations.
      • getDeleteCurrent

        public long getDeleteCurrent()
        Returns the currently in-flight delete operations
      • getNoopUpdateCount

        public long getNoopUpdateCount()