Class JoinTaskExecutor

    • Method Detail

      • newFinishElectionTask

        public static JoinTaskExecutor.Task newFinishElectionTask()
        a task that is used to signal the election is stopped and we should process pending joins. it may be used in combination with newBecomeMasterTask()
      • ensureIndexCompatibility

        public static void ensureIndexCompatibility​(Version nodeVersion,
                                                    MetaData metaData)
        Ensures that all indices are compatible with the given node version. This will ensure that all indices in the given metadata will not be created with a newer version of elasticsearch as well as that all indices are newer or equal to the minimum index compatibility version.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - if any index is incompatible with the given version
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      • ensureNodesCompatibility

        public static void ensureNodesCompatibility​(Version joiningNodeVersion,
                                                    DiscoveryNodes currentNodes)
        ensures that the joining node has a version that's compatible with all current nodes
      • ensureNodesCompatibility

        public static void ensureNodesCompatibility​(Version joiningNodeVersion,
                                                    Version minClusterNodeVersion,
                                                    Version maxClusterNodeVersion)
        ensures that the joining node has a version that's compatible with a given version range
      • ensureMajorVersionBarrier

        public static void ensureMajorVersionBarrier​(Version joiningNodeVersion,
                                                     Version minClusterNodeVersion)
        ensures that the joining node's major version is equal or higher to the minClusterNodeVersion. This is needed to ensure that if the master is already fully operating under the new major version, it doesn't go back to mixed version mode
      • addBuiltInJoinValidators

        public static java.util.Collection<java.util.function.BiConsumer<DiscoveryNode,​ClusterState>> addBuiltInJoinValidators​(java.util.Collection<java.util.function.BiConsumer<DiscoveryNode,​ClusterState>> onJoinValidators)