Class MultiValuesSourceParseHelper


public final class MultiValuesSourceParseHelper extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • MultiValuesSourceParseHelper

      public MultiValuesSourceParseHelper()
  • Method Details

    • declareCommon

      public static <T> void declareCommon(AbstractObjectParser<? extends MultiValuesSourceAggregationBuilder<?>,T> objectParser, boolean formattable, ValueType expectedValueType)
    • declareField

      public static <VS extends ValuesSource, T> void declareField(String fieldName, AbstractObjectParser<? extends MultiValuesSourceAggregationBuilder<?>,T> objectParser, boolean scriptable, boolean timezoneAware, boolean filterable, boolean heterogeneous)
      Declares a field that contains information about a values source
      Type Parameters:
      VS - - values source type
      T - - parser context
      scriptable - - allows specifying script in addition to a field as a values source
      timezoneAware - - allows specifying timezone
      filterable - - allows specifying filters on the values
      heterogeneous - - allows specifying value-source specific format and user value type hint