Class CompositeFieldScript

public abstract class CompositeFieldScript extends AbstractFieldScript
A script that emits a map of multiple values, that can then be accessed by child runtime fields.
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    • CompositeFieldScript

      public CompositeFieldScript(String fieldName, Map<String,Object> params, SearchLookup searchLookup, org.apache.lucene.index.LeafReaderContext ctx)
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    • getValues

      public final List<Object> getValues(String field)
      Runs the object script and returns the values that were emitted for the provided field name
      field - the field name to extract values from
      the values that were emitted for the provided field
    • runForDoc

      public final Map<String,List<Object>> runForDoc(int doc)
    • emit

      protected final void emit(String field, Object value)
    • emitFromObject

      protected void emitFromObject(Object v)
      Specified by:
      emitFromObject in class AbstractFieldScript