Class RecoveryRequestTracker


public class RecoveryRequestTracker extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • RecoveryRequestTracker

      public RecoveryRequestTracker()
  • Method Details

    • markReceivedAndCreateListener

      @Nullable public ActionListener<Void> markReceivedAndCreateListener(long requestSeqNo, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      This method will mark that a request with a unique sequence number has been received. If this is the first time the unique request has been received, this method will return a listener to be completed. The caller should then perform the requested action and complete the returned listener. If the unique request has already been received, this method will either complete the provided listener or attach that listener to the listener returned in the first call. In this case, the method will return null and the caller should not perform the requested action as a prior caller is already performing the action.