Class SystemDataStreamDescriptor


public class SystemDataStreamDescriptor extends Object
Describes a DataStream that is reserved for use by a system component. The data stream will be managed by the system and also protected by the system against user modification so that system features are not broken by inadvertent user operations.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getDataStreamName

      public String getDataStreamName()
    • getBackingIndexNames

      public List<String> getBackingIndexNames(Metadata metadata)
      Retrieve backing indices for this system data stream
      metadata - Metadata in which to look for indices
      List of names of backing indices
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • getComposableIndexTemplate

      public ComposableIndexTemplate getComposableIndexTemplate()
    • isExternal

      public boolean isExternal()
    • getBackingIndexPattern

      public String getBackingIndexPattern()
    • getAllowedElasticProductOrigins

      public List<String> getAllowedElasticProductOrigins()
    • getComponentTemplates

      public Map<String,ComponentTemplate> getComponentTemplates()
    • getThreadPoolNames

      public ExecutorNames getThreadPoolNames()
      Get the names of the thread pools that should be used for operations on this data stream.
      Names for get, search, and write executors.