Interface IndexPatternMatcher

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssociatedIndexDescriptor, SystemIndexDescriptor

public interface IndexPatternMatcher
An IndexPatternMatcher holds an index pattern in a string and, given a Metadata object, can return a list of index names matching that pattern.
  • Method Details

    • getIndexPattern

      String getIndexPattern()
      A pattern, either with a wildcard or simple regex, describing indices that are related to a system feature. Such indices may be system indices or associated indices.
    • getMatchingIndices

      List<String> getMatchingIndices(Metadata metadata)
      Retrieves a list of all indices which match this descriptor's pattern. Implementations may include other special information when matching indices, such as aliases. This cannot be done via IndexNameExpressionResolver because that class can only handle simple wildcard expressions, but system index name patterns may use full Lucene regular expression syntax,
      metadata - The current metadata to get the list of matching indices from
      A list of index names that match this descriptor