Class EsRejectedExecutionException

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public class EsRejectedExecutionException extends RejectedExecutionException
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  • Constructor Details

    • EsRejectedExecutionException

      public EsRejectedExecutionException(String message, boolean isExecutorShutdown)
    • EsRejectedExecutionException

      public EsRejectedExecutionException(String message)
    • EsRejectedExecutionException

      public EsRejectedExecutionException()
  • Method Details

    • isExecutorShutdown

      public boolean isExecutorShutdown()
      Checks if the thread pool that rejected the execution was terminated shortly after the rejection. Its possible that this returns false and the thread pool has since been terminated but if this returns false then the termination wasn't a factor in this rejection. Conversely if this returns true the shutdown was probably a factor in this rejection but might have been triggered just after the action rejection.