Class LogConfigurator


public class LogConfigurator extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • LogConfigurator

      public LogConfigurator()
  • Method Details

    • registerErrorListener

      public static void registerErrorListener()
      Registers a listener for status logger errors. This listener should be registered as early as possible to ensure that no errors are logged by the status logger before logging is configured.
    • configureWithoutConfig

      public static void configureWithoutConfig(Settings settings)
      Configure logging without reading a file, effectively configuring the status logger and all loggers to the console.
      settings - for configuring logger.level and individual loggers
    • configure

      public static void configure(Environment environment) throws IOException, UserException
      Configure logging reading from any found in the config directory and its subdirectories from the specified environment. Will also configure logging to point the logs directory from the specified environment.
      environment - the environment for reading configs and the logs path
      IOException - if there is an issue readings any in the config directory
      UserException - if there are no in the specified configs path
    • loadLog4jPlugins

      public static void loadLog4jPlugins()
      Load logging plugins so we can have node_name in the pattern.
    • setNodeName

      public static void setNodeName(String nodeName)
      Sets the node name. This is called before logging is configured if the node name is set in elasticsearch.yml. Otherwise it is called as soon as the node id is available.