Class ActiveShardsObserver


public class ActiveShardsObserver extends Object
This class provides primitives for waiting for a configured number of shards to become active before sending a response on an ActionListener.
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    • waitForActiveShards

      public void waitForActiveShards(String[] indexNames, ActiveShardCount activeShardCount, TimeValue timeout, Consumer<Boolean> onResult, Consumer<Exception> onFailure)
      Waits on the specified number of active shards to be started before executing the
      indexNames - the indices to wait for active shards on
      activeShardCount - the number of active shards to wait on before returning
      timeout - the timeout value
      onResult - a function that is executed in response to the requisite shards becoming active or a timeout (whichever comes first)
      onFailure - a function that is executed in response to an error occurring during waiting for the active shards