Interface AliasesRequest

All Superinterfaces:
IndicesRequest, IndicesRequest.Replaceable
All Known Implementing Classes:
GetAliasesRequest, IndicesAliasesRequest.AliasActions

public interface AliasesRequest extends IndicesRequest.Replaceable
Needs to be implemented by all ActionRequest subclasses that relate to one or more indices and one or more aliases. Meant to be used for aliases management requests (e.g. add/remove alias, get aliases) that hold aliases and indices in separate fields. Allows to retrieve which indices and aliases the action relates to.
  • Method Details

    • aliases

      String[] aliases()
      Returns the array of aliases that the action relates to
    • getOriginalAliases

      String[] getOriginalAliases()
      Returns the aliases as they were originally requested, before any potential name resolution
    • replaceAliases

      void replaceAliases(String... aliases)
      Replaces current aliases with the provided aliases. Sometimes aliases expressions need to be resolved to concrete aliases prior to executing the transport action.
    • expandAliasesWildcards

      boolean expandAliasesWildcards()
      Returns true if wildcards expressions among aliases should be resolved, false otherwise