Class RestClusterHealthAction

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RestClusterHealthAction extends BaseRestHandler
  • Constructor Details

    • RestClusterHealthAction

      public RestClusterHealthAction()
  • Method Details

    • routes

      public List<RestHandler.Route> routes()
      Description copied from class: BaseRestHandler
      The list of RestHandler.Routes that this RestHandler is responsible for handling.
      Specified by:
      routes in interface RestHandler
      Specified by:
      routes in class BaseRestHandler
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Specified by:
      getName in class BaseRestHandler
      the name of this handler. The name should be human readable and should describe the action that will performed when this API is called. This name is used in the response to the RestNodesUsageAction.
    • allowSystemIndexAccessByDefault

      public boolean allowSystemIndexAccessByDefault()
      Description copied from interface: RestHandler
      Controls whether requests handled by this class are allowed to to access system indices by default.
      true if requests handled by this class should be allowed to access system indices.
    • prepareRequest

      public BaseRestHandler.RestChannelConsumer prepareRequest(RestRequest request, NodeClient client) throws IOException
      Description copied from class: BaseRestHandler
      Prepare the request for execution. Implementations should consume all request params before returning the runnable for actual execution. Unconsumed params will immediately terminate execution of the request. However, some params are only used in processing the response; implementations can override BaseRestHandler.responseParams() to indicate such params.
      Specified by:
      prepareRequest in class BaseRestHandler
      request - the request to execute
      client - client for executing actions on the local node
      the action to execute
      IOException - if an I/O exception occurred parsing the request and preparing for execution
    • fromRequest

      public static ClusterHealthRequest fromRequest(RestRequest request)
    • responseParams

      protected Set<String> responseParams()
      Description copied from class: BaseRestHandler
      Parameters used for controlling the response and thus might not be consumed during preparation of the request execution in BaseRestHandler.prepareRequest(RestRequest, NodeClient).
      responseParams in class BaseRestHandler
      a set of parameters used to control the response and thus should not trip strict URL parameter checks.
    • canTripCircuitBreaker

      public boolean canTripCircuitBreaker()