Class StreamInput

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable
Direct Known Subclasses:
ByteArrayStreamInput, ByteBufferStreamInput, FilterStreamInput, InputStreamStreamInput

public abstract class StreamInput extends InputStream
A stream from this node to another node. Technically, it can also be streamed to a byte array but that is mostly for testing. This class's methods are optimized so you can put the methods that read and write a class next to each other and you can scan them visually for differences. That means that most variables should be read and written in a single line so even large objects fit both reading and writing on the screen. It also means that the methods on this class are named very similarly to StreamOutput. Finally it means that the "barrier to entry" for adding new methods to this class is relatively low even though it is a shared class with code everywhere. That being said, this class deals primarily with Lists rather than Arrays. For the most part calls should adapt to lists, either by storing Lists internally or just converting to and from a List when calling. This comment is repeated on StreamInput.