Class Timer


public class Timer extends Object
Helps measure how much time is spent running some methods. The start() and stop() methods should typically be called in a try/finally clause with start() being called right before the try block and stop() being called at the beginning of the finally block:
  try {
    // code to time
  } finally {
  • Constructor Details

    • Timer

      public Timer()
  • Method Details

    • start

      public final void start()
      Start the timer.
    • stop

      public final void stop()
      Stop the timer.
    • getCount

      public final long getCount()
      Return the number of times that start() has been called.
    • getApproximateTiming

      public final long getApproximateTiming()
      Return an approximation of the total time spent between consecutive calls of #start and #stop.