Class Profilers


public final class Profilers extends Object
Wrapper around all the profilers that makes management easier.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • addQueryProfiler

      public QueryProfiler addQueryProfiler()
      Begin profiling a new query.
    • getCurrentQueryProfiler

      public QueryProfiler getCurrentQueryProfiler()
      Get the profiler for the query we are currently processing.
    • getQueryProfilers

      public List<QueryProfiler> getQueryProfilers()
      The list of all QueryProfilers created so far.
    • getAggregationProfiler

      public AggregationProfiler getAggregationProfiler()
    • startProfilingFetchPhase

      public FetchProfiler startProfilingFetchPhase()
      Build a profiler for the fetch phase.
    • buildQueryPhaseResults

      public SearchProfileQueryPhaseResult buildQueryPhaseResults()
      Build the results for the query phase.