Class InternalSettingsPreparer


public class InternalSettingsPreparer extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • InternalSettingsPreparer

      public InternalSettingsPreparer()
  • Method Details

    • prepareSettings

      public static Settings prepareSettings(Settings input)
      Prepares settings for the transport client by gathering all elasticsearch system properties and setting defaults.
    • prepareEnvironment

      public static Environment prepareEnvironment(Settings input, Map<String,String> properties, Path configPath, Supplier<String> defaultNodeName)
      Prepares the settings by gathering all elasticsearch system properties, optionally loading the configuration settings.
      input - the custom settings to use; these are not overwritten by settings in the configuration file
      properties - map of properties key/value pairs (usually from the command-line)
      configPath - path to config directory; (use null to indicate the default)
      defaultNodeName - supplier for the default if the setting isn't defined
      the Environment