Class StartRecoveryRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:
Writeable, RefCounted, TaskAwareRequest

public class StartRecoveryRequest extends TransportRequest
Represents a request for starting a peer recovery.
  • Constructor Details

    • StartRecoveryRequest

      public StartRecoveryRequest(StreamInput in) throws IOException
    • StartRecoveryRequest

      public StartRecoveryRequest(ShardId shardId, String targetAllocationId, DiscoveryNode sourceNode, DiscoveryNode targetNode, Store.MetadataSnapshot metadataSnapshot, boolean primaryRelocation, long recoveryId, long startingSeqNo, boolean canDownloadSnapshotFiles)
      Construct a request for starting a peer recovery.
      shardId - the shard ID to recover
      targetAllocationId - the allocation id of the target shard
      sourceNode - the source node to remover from
      targetNode - the target node to recover to
      metadataSnapshot - the Lucene metadata
      primaryRelocation - whether or not the recovery is a primary relocation
      recoveryId - the recovery ID
      startingSeqNo - the starting sequence number
      canDownloadSnapshotFiles - flag that indicates if the snapshot files can be downloaded
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