Interface RecoveryTargetHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
RecoveryTarget, RemoteRecoveryTargetHandler

public interface RecoveryTargetHandler
  • Method Details

    • prepareForTranslogOperations

      void prepareForTranslogOperations(int totalTranslogOps, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      Prepares the target to receive translog operations, after all file have been copied
      totalTranslogOps - total translog operations expected to be sent
    • finalizeRecovery

      void finalizeRecovery(long globalCheckpoint, long trimAboveSeqNo, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      The finalize request refreshes the engine now that new segments are available, enables garbage collection of tombstone files, updates the global checkpoint.
      globalCheckpoint - the global checkpoint on the recovery source
      trimAboveSeqNo - The recovery target should erase its existing translog above this sequence number from the previous primary terms.
      listener - the listener which will be notified when this method is completed
    • handoffPrimaryContext

      void handoffPrimaryContext(ReplicationTracker.PrimaryContext primaryContext, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      Handoff the primary context between the relocation source and the relocation target.
      primaryContext - the primary context from the relocation source
      listener - the listener which will be notified when this method is completed
    • indexTranslogOperations

      void indexTranslogOperations(List<Translog.Operation> operations, int totalTranslogOps, long maxSeenAutoIdTimestampOnPrimary, long maxSeqNoOfUpdatesOrDeletesOnPrimary, RetentionLeases retentionLeases, long mappingVersionOnPrimary, ActionListener<Long> listener)
      Index a set of translog operations on the target
      operations - operations to index
      totalTranslogOps - current number of total operations expected to be indexed
      maxSeenAutoIdTimestampOnPrimary - the maximum auto_id_timestamp of all append-only requests processed by the primary shard
      maxSeqNoOfUpdatesOrDeletesOnPrimary - the max seq_no of update operations (index operations overwrite Lucene) or delete ops on the primary shard when capturing these operations. This value is at least as high as the max_seq_no_of_updates on the primary was when any of these ops were processed on it.
      retentionLeases - the retention leases on the primary
      mappingVersionOnPrimary - the mapping version which is at least as up to date as the mapping version that the primary used to index translog operations in this request. If the mapping version on the replica is not older this version, we should not retry on MapperException; otherwise we should wait for a new mapping then retry.
      listener - a listener which will be notified with the local checkpoint on the target after these operations are successfully indexed on the target.
    • receiveFileInfo

      void receiveFileInfo(List<String> phase1FileNames, List<Long> phase1FileSizes, List<String> phase1ExistingFileNames, List<Long> phase1ExistingFileSizes, int totalTranslogOps, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      Notifies the target of the files it is going to receive
    • cleanFiles

      void cleanFiles(int totalTranslogOps, long globalCheckpoint, Store.MetadataSnapshot sourceMetadata, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      After all source files has been sent over, this command is sent to the target so it can clean any local files that are not part of the source store
      totalTranslogOps - an update number of translog operations that will be replayed later on
      globalCheckpoint - the global checkpoint on the primary
      sourceMetadata - meta data of the source store
    • restoreFileFromSnapshot

      void restoreFileFromSnapshot(String repository, IndexId indexId, BlobStoreIndexShardSnapshot.FileInfo snapshotFile, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      Restores a snapshot file in the target store
      repository - the repository to fetch the snapshot file
      indexId - the repository index id that identifies the shard index
      snapshotFile - the actual snapshot file to download
    • writeFileChunk

      void writeFileChunk(StoreFileMetadata fileMetadata, long position, ReleasableBytesReference content, boolean lastChunk, int totalTranslogOps, ActionListener<Void> listener)
      writes a partial file chunk to the target store
    • cancel

      default void cancel()