Class ReplicationGroup


public class ReplicationGroup extends Object
Replication group for a shard. Used by a primary shard to coordinate replication and recoveries.
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    • getVersion

      public long getVersion()
    • getRoutingTable

      public IndexShardRoutingTable getRoutingTable()
    • getInSyncAllocationIds

      public Set<String> getInSyncAllocationIds()
    • getTrackedAllocationIds

      public Set<String> getTrackedAllocationIds()
    • getUnavailableInSyncShards

      public Set<String> getUnavailableInSyncShards()
      Returns the set of shard allocation ids that are in the in-sync set but have no assigned routing entry
    • getReplicationTargets

      public List<ShardRouting> getReplicationTargets()
      Returns the subset of shards in the routing table that should be replicated to. Includes relocation targets.
    • getSkippedShards

      public List<ShardRouting> getSkippedShards()
      Returns the subset of shards in the routing table that are unassigned or initializing and not ready yet to receive operations (i.e. engine not opened yet). Includes relocation targets.
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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      public String toString()
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