Class BulkByScrollTask.StatusBuilder

Enclosing class:

public static class BulkByScrollTask.StatusBuilder extends Object
This class acts as a builder for BulkByScrollTask.Status. Once the BulkByScrollTask.Status object is built by calling buildStatus() it is immutable. Used by an instance of ObjectParser when parsing from XContent.
  • Constructor Details

    • StatusBuilder

      public StatusBuilder()
  • Method Details

    • setSliceId

      public void setSliceId(Integer sliceId)
    • setTotal

      public void setTotal(Long total)
    • setUpdated

      public void setUpdated(Long updated)
    • setCreated

      public void setCreated(Long created)
    • setDeleted

      public void setDeleted(Long deleted)
    • setBatches

      public void setBatches(Integer batches)
    • setVersionConflicts

      public void setVersionConflicts(Long versionConflicts)
    • setNoops

      public void setNoops(Long noops)
    • setRetries

      public void setRetries(Tuple<Long,Long> retries)
    • setBulkRetries

      public void setBulkRetries(Long bulkRetries)
    • setSearchRetries

      public void setSearchRetries(Long searchRetries)
    • setThrottled

      public void setThrottled(Long throttled)
    • setRequestsPerSecond

      public void setRequestsPerSecond(Float requestsPerSecond)
    • setReasonCancelled

      public void setReasonCancelled(String reasonCancelled)
    • setThrottledUntil

      public void setThrottledUntil(Long throttledUntil)
    • setSliceStatuses

      public void setSliceStatuses(List<BulkByScrollTask.StatusOrException> sliceStatuses)
    • addToSliceStatuses

      public void addToSliceStatuses(BulkByScrollTask.StatusOrException statusOrException)
    • buildStatus

      public BulkByScrollTask.Status buildStatus()