Interface DynamicFieldType

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public interface DynamicFieldType
Defines a MappedFieldType that exposes dynamic child field types If the field is named 'my_field', then a user is able to search on the field in both of the following ways: - Using the field name 'my_field', which will delegate to the field type as usual. - Using any sub-key, for example 'my_field.some_key'. In this case, the search is delegated to getChildFieldType(String), with 'some_key' passed as the argument. The field may create a new field type dynamically in order to handle the search. To prevent conflicts between these dynamic sub-keys and multi-fields, any field mappers generating field types that implement this interface should explicitly disallow multi-fields.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns a dynamic MappedFieldType for the given path
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    • getChildFieldType

      MappedFieldType getChildFieldType(String path)
      Returns a dynamic MappedFieldType for the given path