Class Engine.Result

Direct Known Subclasses:
Engine.DeleteResult, Engine.IndexResult, Engine.NoOpResult
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class Engine.Result extends Object
Base class for index and delete operation results Holds result meta data (e.g. translog location, updated version) for an executed write Engine.Operation
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  • Method Details

    • getResultType

      public Engine.Result.Type getResultType()
      whether the operation was successful, has failed or was aborted due to a mapping update
    • getVersion

      public long getVersion()
      get the updated document version
    • getSeqNo

      public long getSeqNo()
      Get the sequence number on the primary.
      the sequence number
    • getTerm

      public long getTerm()
    • getRequiredMappingUpdate

      public Mapping getRequiredMappingUpdate()
      If the operation was aborted due to missing mappings, this method will return the mappings that are required to complete the operation.
    • getTranslogLocation

      public Translog.Location getTranslogLocation()
      get the translog location after executing the operation
    • getFailure

      public Exception getFailure()
      get document failure while executing the operation null in case of no failure
    • getTook

      public long getTook()
      get total time in nanoseconds
    • getOperationType

      public Engine.Operation.TYPE getOperationType()