Class IndexAnalyzers

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable

public final class IndexAnalyzers extends Object implements Closeable
IndexAnalyzers contains a name to analyzer mapping for a specific index. This class only holds analyzers that are explicitly configured for an index and doesn't allow access to individual tokenizers, char or token filter.
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    • get

      public NamedAnalyzer get(String name)
      Returns an analyzer mapped to the given name or null if not present
    • getAnalyzers

      public Map<String,NamedAnalyzer> getAnalyzers()
      Returns an (unmodifiable) map of containing the index analyzers
    • getNormalizer

      public NamedAnalyzer getNormalizer(String name)
      Returns a normalizer mapped to the given name or null if not present
    • getWhitespaceNormalizer

      public NamedAnalyzer getWhitespaceNormalizer(String name)
      Returns a normalizer that splits on whitespace mapped to the given name or null if not present
    • getDefaultIndexAnalyzer

      public NamedAnalyzer getDefaultIndexAnalyzer()
      Returns the default index analyzer for this index
    • getDefaultSearchAnalyzer

      public NamedAnalyzer getDefaultSearchAnalyzer()
      Returns the default search analyzer for this index. If not set, this will return the default analyzer
    • getDefaultSearchQuoteAnalyzer

      public NamedAnalyzer getDefaultSearchQuoteAnalyzer()
      Returns the default search quote analyzer for this index
    • close

      public void close() throws IOException
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      close in interface AutoCloseable
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      close in interface Closeable