Class GatewayMetaState

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Closeable, AutoCloseable

public class GatewayMetaState extends Object implements Closeable
Loads (and maybe upgrades) cluster metadata at startup, and persistently stores cluster metadata for future restarts. When started, ensures that this version is compatible with the state stored on disk, and performs a state upgrade if necessary. Note that the state being loaded when constructing the instance of this class is not necessarily the state that will be used as ClusterState.metadata() because it might be stale or incomplete. Master-eligible nodes must perform an election to find a complete and non-stale state, and master-ineligible nodes receive the real cluster state from the elected master after joining the cluster.
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      public static final String STALE_STATE_CONFIG_NODE_ID
      Fake node ID for a voting configuration written by a master-ineligible data node to indicate that its on-disk state is potentially stale (since it is written asynchronously after application, rather than before acceptance). This node ID means that if the node is restarted as a master-eligible node then it does not win any elections until it has received a fresh cluster state.
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    • GatewayMetaState

      public GatewayMetaState()
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