Class LagDetector


public class LagDetector extends Object
A publication can succeed and complete before all nodes have applied the published state and acknowledged it; however we need every node eventually either to apply the published state (or a later state) or be removed from the cluster. This component achieves this by removing any lagging nodes from the cluster after a timeout.
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      public static final Setting<TimeValue> CLUSTER_FOLLOWER_LAG_TIMEOUT_SETTING
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    • setTrackedNodes

      public void setTrackedNodes(Iterable<DiscoveryNode> discoveryNodes)
    • clearTrackedNodes

      public void clearTrackedNodes()
    • setAppliedVersion

      public void setAppliedVersion(DiscoveryNode discoveryNode, long appliedVersion)
    • startLagDetector

      public void startLagDetector(long version)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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