Class BootstrapInfo


public final class BootstrapInfo extends Object
Exposes system startup information
  • Field Details


      public static final String UNTRUSTED_CODEBASE
      codebase location for untrusted scripts (provide some additional safety)

      This is not a full URL, just a path.

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  • Method Details

    • isNativesAvailable

      public static boolean isNativesAvailable()
      Returns true if we successfully loaded native libraries.

      If this returns false, then native operations such as locking memory did not work.

    • isMemoryLocked

      public static boolean isMemoryLocked()
      Returns true if we were able to lock the process's address space.
    • isSystemCallFilterInstalled

      public static boolean isSystemCallFilterInstalled()
      Returns true if system call filter is installed (supported systems only)
    • getSystemProperties

      public static Dictionary<Object,Object> getSystemProperties()
      Returns a read-only view of all system properties
    • init

      public static void init()