Package org.elasticsearch.action.admin.indices.dangling

package org.elasticsearch.action.admin.indices.dangling
Dangling indices are indices that exist on disk on one or more nodes but which do not currently exist in the cluster state. They arise in a number of situations, such as:
  • A user overflows the index graveyard by deleting more than 500 indices while a node is offline and then the node rejoins the cluster
  • A node (unsafely) moves from one cluster to another, perhaps because the original cluster lost all its master nodes
  • A user (unsafely) meddles with the contents of the data path, maybe restoring an old index folder from a backup
  • A disk partially fails and the user has no replicas and no snapshots and wants to (unsafely) recover whatever they can
  • A cluster loses all master nodes and those are (unsafely) restored from backup, but the backup does not contain the index

The classes in this package form an API for managing dangling indices, allowing them to be listed, imported or deleted.