Package org.elasticsearch.tasks

package org.elasticsearch.tasks
Support for viewing and modifying in flight actions (Tasks) and saving their results to an index. This includes getting detailed descriptions and canceling tasks that support it.
  • Interface Summary
    Report of the internal status of a task.
    An interface for a request that can be used to register a task manager task
    Listener for Task success or failure.
  • Class Summary
    A task that can be cancelled
    Tracks items that are associated with cancellable tasks, supporting efficient lookup by task ID and by parent task ID
    A TaskListener that just logs the response at the info level.
    Raw, unparsed status from the task results index.
    Current task information
    Task id that consists of node id and id of the task on the node
    Information about a currently running task.
    Task Manager service for keeping track of currently running tasks on the nodes
    Information about a running task or a task that stored its result.
    Service that can store task results.
  • Exception Summary
    A generic exception that can be thrown by a task when it's cancelled by the task manager API