Class ShardLimitValidator


public class ShardLimitValidator extends Object
This class contains the logic used to check the cluster-wide shard limit before shards are created and ensuring that the limit is updated correctly on setting updates, etc. NOTE: This is the limit applied at *shard creation time*. If you are looking for the limit applied at *allocation* time, which is controlled by a different setting, see ShardsLimitAllocationDecider.
  • Field Details


      public static final Setting<Integer> SETTING_CLUSTER_MAX_SHARDS_PER_NODE

      public static final Setting<Integer> SETTING_CLUSTER_MAX_SHARDS_PER_NODE_FROZEN

      public static final String FROZEN_GROUP
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      Constant Field Values

      public static final Setting<String> INDEX_SETTING_SHARD_LIMIT_GROUP
    • shardLimitPerNode

      protected final AtomicInteger shardLimitPerNode
    • shardLimitPerNodeFrozen

      protected final AtomicInteger shardLimitPerNodeFrozen
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    • getShardLimitPerNode

      public int getShardLimitPerNode()
      Gets the currently configured value of the SETTING_CLUSTER_MAX_SHARDS_PER_NODE setting.
      the current value of the setting
    • validateShardLimit

      public void validateShardLimit(Settings settings, ClusterState state)
      Checks whether an index can be created without going over the cluster shard limit.
      settings - the settings of the index to be created
      state - the current cluster state
      ValidationException - if creating this index would put the cluster over the cluster shard limit
    • validateShardLimit

      public void validateShardLimit(ClusterState currentState, Index[] indicesToOpen)
      Validates whether a list of indices can be opened without going over the cluster shard limit. Only counts indices which are currently closed and will be opened, ignores indices which are already open.
      currentState - The current cluster state.
      indicesToOpen - The indices which are to be opened.
      ValidationException - If this operation would take the cluster over the limit and enforcement is enabled.
    • validateShardLimitOnReplicaUpdate

      public void validateShardLimitOnReplicaUpdate(ClusterState currentState, Index[] indices, int replicas)